Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our day in Milwaukee

Today David and I started the day with a wonderful breakfast at the same restaurant we went to for lunch yesterday - Genesis. It is just a short walk away and the menu has a lot of choices with a Mediterranean theme. I had an Italian omelet that was hard to finish as it also came with hash browns and toast. After we told Ted and Wanda about our breakfast, they decided to go also - and they don't often eat breakfast.

As soon as we felt rush hour might be over, we headed downtown to the Harley-Davidson Museum. The ride downtown was hectic - apparently rush hour never ends. The museum wasn't difficult to find and we really enjoyed all the displays and the history associated with the Motor Company. While most everything was geared to the motorcycle enthusiast, and particularly Harley fans, there was something for everyone. One of my favorite exhibits was the display on Harley-Davidson and the War Effort. A bike we had never seen before was a Shore Patrol Harley designed and built for the Navy. The entire museum is very well done and definitely worth the trip to Milwaukee.

Tomorrow we head to Illinois to visit Aunt Jane.

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