Friday, July 10, 2009

More about Milwaukee

While we were at the motel in Milwaukee, I decided to wipe off our bikes after a week of riding in the rain. After dampening the rag, I heard some commotion coming from outside. I rushed out just in time to see an old man trying to back his car into a parking spot right beside our bikes. However, he was way off and just inches from backing right into David's bike. His wife was on the sidewalk and screaming at him to stop. He was ignoring her so I went to the driver's window and got him to stop. I told him he was about to back into a very expensive motorcycle. He said "I don't want to" and I assured him I didn't want him to. Wanda was on the sidewalk with the wife and let me know the backup lights were still on. It appeared he was going to continue backing unless we could stop him. I offered to back the car for him. In the meantime, his wife was telling him to just park the car somewhere else. He didn't want another spot because the spot he wanted, next to or on top of David's bike, was in front of their room and he didn't want to carry the bags from two spots away. The old man finally figured out how to put the car park and got out. His wife then got behind the wheel and moved the car over two spots. The old man, still cussing his wife, went to the room. I felt a little sorry for the couple so I offered to help her carry the suitcases to the room. She then told me "I hate it when he drinks too much." YIKES!!

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