Friday, July 10, 2009

Muncie and then home

On Thursday morning the four of us visited Uncle Jim's grave with Aunt Jane before heading east. After a torturous ride for just a few miles on I-74 (where the interstate was down to one lane and was stop and go for several miles) we exited and took a short highway to US-24. After all the ugly construction and rain of the vacation so far, it was nice to have a straight, paved road and for a change, dry conditions.

We stopped for a break in Gilman, Illinois and talked for a bit with Ted and Wanda before going back to the bikes and hugging one last time. Soon after entering Indiana, we would split and take different routes home; Ted and Wanda would swing past a nursing home in Attica, Indiana to see an old friend of David and Ted's mother, Lottie Casner.

David and I continued east to Lafayette, Indiana on absolutely horrible US-52. As soon as we could, we got on I-65 and then on Indiana 28 which runs almost as true and straight as US-24. It was a delight. Also of interest were the small towns that make up the heartland of Indiana.

We got to my parents in Yorktown, Indiana around 5:00. My mom, figuring we would be tired, had cooked for us and invited my brothers over - to see the main attraction - me! This morning we went with my parents to their monthly condo association breakfast and after we headed home.

In the past when riding our motorcycles home from Muncie, we rode the back highways. Today we just wanted to get home and as fast as possible. We took interstate all the way. We were home by 2:00 p.m.

We rode 2,500 miles in the 14 days we were gone. Except for the rain, we had a wonderful time. In fact, because of the rain, there were some things we didn't get to see (like the Soo Locks) so we plan on going back some day to the UP. Hopefully we will have better luck with the weather next time.

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Oscar said...

Hi Dave and Patty. I enjoyed following along with your vacation. Sounds like a very wet one, but one full of fellowship, family & friends. It doesn't get better than that. I am looking forward to your next blog.

I am preparing my route to Sturgis. Any suggestions? Also the place that I am staying has a gravel parking lot. Do you have pointers on handling gravel?

Pete Petree