Friday, July 3, 2009

Sunglasses - Finally

Yesterday, while at Munising, David and I took the Pictured Rocks boat tour. The boat goes out into Lake Superior so the passengers can see the Pictured Rocks National Park. Although the cost of the tour was some what expensive, it was well worth it. This is the only way to see the rock formations. Since the area had experienced storms in the past several days, the lake was quite choppy - as in six foot waves. Our boat did heave and pitch quite a bit and there were several passengers also heaving. David and I did just fine and we got several pictures. Be sure to check out the Picasa web album from the link below. Because the sea was so rough, the boat captain made a decision to turn the boat around at just about the half way up the shore point. Because he turned around, we got a refund of half the original cost of the tour. Not only did we get to see these magnificent cliffs, we did it for half price!

This morning's weather forecast called clear skies; the first since leaving home a week ago. However, we packed our bikes in a cold drizzle (48 degrees on the bank thermometer). Our original plans were to ride to Marquette and eat breakfast there. David, Ted, Wanda, and I decided to try and wait out the rain and ate our breakfast in Munising. Dale and Vicky went ahead to Marquette with plans for us to meet up with them at the Wal-Mart. The rain continued until we were just past Christmas (about 10 miles out of Munising) so that was good. However, the road then became crappy - as in they took off a layer of asphalt in order to repave so we drove about 10 miles on gravel, potholes, and scored roadway. We eventually made it to Marquette and met up with Dale and Vicky.

We continued on to Houghton for lunch and stopped at a little cafe right down town. Since Ted had never had a pasty, I insisted he order one. David and I split a pasty. They were good but are an acquired taste. If you are ever in the U.P., be brave and try one.

After lunch we finally were able to take off the rain gear and put on sunglasses. With me in the lead, we went on to Copper Harbor. The drive was beautiful. There is a portion of U.S. 41 that they call the "Covered Drive." David was able to take some pictures of us riding through the tree tunnel.

Tonight and tomorrow we are in the little town of Copper Harbor. It is at the very tip top of the Keweenaw Peninsula as it juts out into Lake Superior. Our latitude here is about the 48th parallel. Our rooms all have little patios on the backside with an unbelievable view of the lake - we are right on the lake. Tomorrow the town really celebrates the Fourth of July big time with a parade and fireworks. We will be able to see the fireworks over the lake from our rooms!

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