Monday, June 29, 2009

Raining - Still

It was raining this morning so we called for a taxi to take the six of us to a restaurant. The Galley was right downtown St. Ignace on the boardwalk. We had a table near the window where we could watch Lake Huron. Afterwards we wandered some up and down the boardwalk. The rain was pretty steady and we didn't venture too far before we called the taxi to take us back to our hotel.

Later in the day, a friend of Dale & Vicky's dropped by to visit so us girls borrowed his car and went to the grocery. We had lunch meat, fruit, and chips in Ted & Wanda's room. While the ambiance was somewhat lacking, we enjoyed each other's company and story telling.

This evening we took the free shuttle to the Kewadin Casino. The hotel gave us a card for roll of free tokens plus we got two free rolls for it being our first time at the Kewadin Casino. We used up the freebies (except for Vicky who hit $20 on her second free coin). David and I spent a total of $20 of our own money. We are not that into gambling and have a low threshold for losing money. The main purpose for going was dinner and the casino had a nice buffet. After eating, the free shuttle brought us back to our hotel where we are tucked in for the evening.

Tomorrow's plans are to go to the Soo. The forecast calls for scattered showers all day but it is just 50 miles to the locks. We can do scattered showers. We might have to wait out an occasional down pour but we intend to ride a boat through the locks.

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